St. John Paul II Church was called as Blessed John Paul II and dedicated at the Holy Mass on Saturday 20th August, 2011, at 5 pm by His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore.

This Church was started with the full support of our Beloved Archbishop. We live in multicultural community following the footsteps of St. John Paul II the meek and humble servant of God. In this parish there are 215 families live in and around the parish. We have every day Holy Eucharist and every Friday we have special devotion to Sacred Heart of Jesus. From 5pm to 6 pm we have Eucharistic adoration and Holy Mass on Fridays.

This parish also has other activities like St.  Vincent de Paul society, Karol Youth movement, ecumenical movement and Carol servers movement etc

St. John Paul II has been called one of the most beloved men of the century. In a world that often views history as a product of impersonal economic and political forces; he offered hope for humanity’s future. The first non-Italian since 1523 to serve as the vicar of Christ, this polish artist and intellectual pastor and theologian, professor and sportsman brought energy, faith and moral commitment to the Church he loved. He lived thought Poland’s occupation by Hitler’s army during World War II and its post-war subjugation by the Soviet Union.
Our Parishioners welcomed our new Parish Priest Fr Adolf Washigton on June 17th 2017.It gives us great joy to have him in our midst to serve our parish.He is an inspirational person and gives his best support in every way possible in building up our church.
Feast Of ST JOHN PAUL II will be celebrated on October 22

The feast day of St John Paul II has been decided! Traditionally, the feast of a saint is held on “dies natalis,” which is the day of one's death or their “arrival in heaven.” John Paul II died on April 2 but that day usually falls during Holy Week. To guarantee the day will be solemnly celebrated every year, the Vatican has decided his day of liturgical memory will be on October 22, the Anniversary day of the Mass for the inauguration of his pontificate.
News / Events
Oct 28th
Our Patron's Feast
On this day we celebrated our Church Feast very grandly by his Grace Rev Dr Bernard Moras. On this day our Parish  Children got their 'First Holy Communion and Confirmation' Sacraments.
Nov 12th
Kannada Rajyotsava
Our parish celebrated the 'Kannada Rajyotsava' in a special way by hoisting the 'Kannada Flag' by our parish priest, along with a small program and distributing sweets.
Nov 26th
Mission Sunday
On this day our parish  will have the 'Mission Sunday'. We organise various stalls and games and auctioning in order  to support for this mission.
Catechisim Classes
Every Sunday immediately after the English Mass ends , children will have Catechism Classes. Please send your children every week without fail.
Mass Timings :
Tamil : 6:30 am
Kannada: 8:00 am
English : 9:15 am
Malayalam : 10:30 am
English : 5:30 pm